Supporting Your Sacrum While In the Car

Most of us spend much of our time traveling in our car, whether doing errands, road trips, or commuting. The trouble with sitting in the car for any length of time are the car seats. Like most seats or chairs, they are not ergonomic, only a bit worse in your car.  

Most car seats are not designed well. They make it next to impossible to sit up straight with any sort of ease. Most often, we collapse back in the car seat, sitting on our sacrum (the triangle shape bone near the bottom of your spine), which then puts a tremendous amount of extra pressure & strain on our lower back.

The position of your pelvis while sitting is key to proper alignment. Because getting your pelvis in the correct position is next to impossible in most car seats, I want to share a couple simple tips to help you sit up a bit straighter with greater ease, resulting in less lower back discomfort & strain.

I recommend trying two different things. The first is something you may already have laying around your house if your a parent, & if you’re not, I’m sure you know someone who has these, the Little Golden Books. That’s right, the thin hardcover children’s books. Take at least 2 of these, bring them into your car with you, & sit your bum on them. More specifically, you will want to have your sits bones (ischial tuberosities) on top of the books. Your sits bones are the two bones that you can feel under your butt when you sit contacting the seat. This simple reinforcement, although quite subtle, will allow your pelvis to be in a better position so that you don’t collapse on top of your sacrum.

Cheers to happier & more sustainable car travel!