Posture Exercises for Desk Jockeys

Though many of us sit at our computers day after day, we are built to MOOV! Sitting for extended periods of time can wreak havoc on your hips, neck, and spine, and make correct posture in and out of the gym a challenge.

Need a break? You can practice these posture exercises seated at your desk for a movement break a few times a day to counteract the negative impact of slumping over a computer:

  • Flexion/Extension: Curl down while seated, bringing your navel back towards your spine and rounding your back, bringing chin to chest. Then sit up tall and put a curve in your lumbar spine as you allow your chin to point up to the ceiling. Allow your arms to reach over head to increase the stretch.
  • Rotation: Turn your shoulders to the right, putting a twist in your thoracic spine. Slowly turn your head to look behind you (stay within a range that is comfortable for you) and let your eyes lead the head movement. Repeat on the other side.
  • Lateral Flexion (Sidebending): Allow your right shoulder to drop towards your right hip, decreasing the distance between your shoulder and hip and letting your arm reach toward the floor as you do this. Allow your right ear to come towards your right shoulder so your neck gets the benefit of the side bend as well. Repeat on the other side.
  • Bonus! Stand up and full body stretch with arms over head.

Loosening the muscles that get tight as we sit at our desks can help improve strength and help us to maintain an overall straighter posture. With a little practice, these posture exercises will get easier over time.

Need additional treatment and helpful exercises to improve your posture? Meg Maurer, MSOM, L.Ac, and Certified Rolfer, is currently accepting new patients at Moov.