Growing up in Boulder, Sam spent a lot of time outdoors. Spending weekends in the mountains camping, mountain biking, or snowboarding have always has been a part of his life. Going through college at the University of Colorado Denver and receiving a degree in Biology Sam has always had a passion for science and specifically the human body. After college and working the typical 40-hour workweek, there was a quickly growing deficit in being able to escape to the mountains and more was desired.

Discovering CrossFit in 2012, Sam was the guy in the class who didn’t know the difference between a barbell and a wall ball and had no idea what the heck a clean and jerk was. Within the first month he had become obsessed and loved how it was not only transforming his life but also those around him. Continuing to hit PR’s and suffering for an hour a day became the high point of the day.

Having a passion for science and human function, CrossFit has allowed Sam the opportunity to combine those two areas and become a Level 1 trainer. Other than being a coach it has awarded him mental toughness as he is going back to school to get his BSN from the University of Colorado Nursing School.


CrossFit Level 1

B.S. in Biology


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