Endurance Coach


Growing up in the small coastal town of Mendocino, CA athletics have always been a part of Rowan’s life. Child hood mountain bike rides, ocean kayaking, surfing, to organized sports all through school, into a year of college lacrosse at UC Santa Cruz, and eventually a degree in integrative physiology from CU Boulder. Rowan spent a year being a personal trainer at CU Boulder and upon graduation went into the world of Special Event Production. Fitness has always been an important aspect of his life, and two years ago he found CrossFit. He learned that this varied form of training will make you better in every aspect of your life, and he quickly started bringing his knowledge and love of the sport to helping others achieve fitness goals they never thought obtainable.
Besides being a Level 1 Crossfit Trainer, Rowan owns a small special event consulting business, specializing in Audio Video production and logistical operations, working primarily with World Triathlon Corporation. Being in the endurance world, Rowan was inspired to see how far CrossFit could get him in that discipline, and was able to complete an Ironman using CrossFit, something that he will bring to any athlete that has the desire to test themselves in that kind of an arena. With his background in body sciences, personal training, and endurance, he is able to bring an intense attention to detail, and motivational factor to his training.


CrossFit Level 1

 BS in Integrative Physiology

 Ironman Competitor


 CrossFit Coach

 Endurance Training