Emily Wishall, Certified Rolfer

Alignment Coaching and Rolfing


Emily Wishall graduated from the University of Kansas with a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science. Thinking she was going to go the physical therapy route, she had a full-time four-month internship with a physical therapist who specialized in myofascial release. On Day 1, Emily had no idea what ‘myofascial’ meant, but her eyes were soon open to the fascia (or connective tissue) of the body and its significance.

Emily heard about Rolfing Structural Integration from an uncle who had amazing results from the work. She graduated from the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration in 2015. She loves working with people through the physical body to help them reach their full potential.


Certification from Rolf Institute of Structural Integration

B.S., Exercise Science


Shoulder pain and range of motion

Hip and back ailments including sciatica and scoliosis

Migraines and head and neck tension