Co-Founder and Co-Owner


Brandon first discovered CrossFit in 2004 while in Iraq. After a long transition that led him to turn his own health around through exercise and diet, he eventually gave up his software engineering career for a career in holistic nutrition and coaching athletes in CrossFit. He has a knack for creating a safe space for his clients and peers to grow both personally and professionally.

I often hear people complain that, once they sign up to a gym, they become just another number. I care very much about my clients and want to see them succeed as much as they do.

Brandon has worked with professional athletes, pregnant mothers-to-be, and others with digestive issues in developing personalized nutrition programs. He has also been a CrossFit coach since 2012, and an athlete for over 20 years. He is passionate about helping people achieve their maximum range of motion and physical abilities, and gets excited watching people transform into the best versions of themselves.

Besides CrossFit, he enjoys biking, traveling, gardening, and building Legos with his daughter. When he’s not working, he can be found on his bike, tending his garden, or enjoying some downtime with his family. Positivity is his mantra. If you have a tendency to complain or be negative without offering or being open to solutions on how to make those things better, then he’ll call it as he sees it. Brandon wants to be remembered as a compassionate family man who stands up for what’s right both in the community and in his personal life.


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B.S. in Computer Science

Board Certified Health Coach

Former Div 1 track and field athlete


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