EPIC! Nutrition Transformation

July 8, 2017 thru January 8, 2018


How successful have they been? Furthermore, are you living from challenge to challenge? The fact that you are looking at this page suggests that you may still be looking for the answers.

Wouldn’t it be great to be done with dieting FOREVER? Just be able to get on with life, eat food as required and not have those constant nagging thoughts like “I shouldn’t be eating this”, “I need to lose weight”, “I have no self-control”, “I better start watching what I eat on Monday”, “I’m disappointed that I can never shake off those last few pounds”.. and more..and worse?

Perhaps you have a lot to lose, or perhaps just a few pounds. Perhaps you know just about all there is to know about nutrition, and yet you still can’t quite get yourself “there.” Or perhaps this whole nutrition thing seems complicated, too hard, out of reach and you feel like giving up.

EPIC! Nutrition Transformation is our Nutrition Coaching Program based heavily on the proven work of Sarah Ballantyne, PhD, of the Autoimmune Paleo Approach, Precision Nutrition, and Health Coaching principles. It is suitable for all levels from beginners right through to intermediate and advanced level athletes, and provides a HABITS-BASED approach to lifestyle and nutrition.

Why a habits-based approach?

Quite simply, diets don’t work; or they might work for a little while, but inevitably the weight comes back on when you stop dieting (or fall off the diet wagon for the hundredth time). This program works differently by addressing underlying habits and psychology surrounding food, as well as providing education about sensible, sound and scientifically-based food choices. The program teaches you to tune in to your body and address the triggers that often lead us to make poor food choices and how to bounce back from setbacks. There is no quackery here. No grapefruit diets, no 7-day cleanses or avoiding eating red things.

Except for the first phase of this program (see below), we don’t force you to prescribe to a particular way of eating, nor peddle a specific brand of supplements (although we do make recommendations). The program can encompass your preferred food choices and philosophies.

Why the Autoimmune Paleo Approach?

Not all of us have autoimmune diseases. But all of us do have gut imbalances, and this approach absolutely crushes the competition when it comes to healing yourself from the inside out.

You will be provided with your first 30 days of nutrition supplements (included in the cost), carefully selected through hours of research, and tried and tested with thousands of others. This, along with the book, and guidance from your coach, will set you up for long-term success.

How does it work?

The EPIC! Nutrition Transformation program runs for a full six months. Yes – 6 months – a long time right? If you have had any experience with changing your eating habits in the past (or traditional dieting) you’ll know that often the first few weeks are OK and then the trouble starts. You lose interest. You have a setback. You get sick of being on a diet.

The EPIC! Nutrition Transformation doesn’t promise that you won’t still come up against these things. In fact, we hope you do, because that’s where this program shines. It expects this to happen. The program is designed to be there for the long haul – for when you need it. Life gets in the way for everyone at some point. A 6-month program gives us time to work through all of the issues as they arise and shows you how to stay on track and how to make the changes stick long term.

So whats included?

Once you signup for the EPIC! Nutrition Transformation you will receive:

Six (6) months of:

  • Guidance, support, and nutrition coaching from Beth Buchanan, our resident Health Coach, who will give you direction and support, and hold you accountable, every step of the way. She’ll help you stay consistent, no matter what life throws at you.
  • 30 days of supplements carefully selected to rebalance your gut, boost your brain, and begin healing you from the inside out.
  • The book “The Paleo Approach: Reverse Autoimmune Disease and Heal Your Body” by Sarah Ballantyne, PhD.
  • A nutrition plan that fits into your life, taking account of your needs and goals.
  • We’ll take your complex nutritional goals and break them down into small, strategic daily practices that add up to massive transformation. Through the program, you’ll gain the habits and tools you need to make your results last a lifetime.
  • Access to a coaching software platform where you undertake your weekly lessons, habits and record your progress. The platform is accessible from anywhere via your desktop computer or phone/tablet.

What about exercise?

To get results, you need to exercise. The health benefits of exercise are well established and unless you have a particularly active lifestyle with a lot of incidental activity that gets your heart rate up and builds strength, you’ll need to embark on some form of formal fitness program. For our current gym members that are attending sessions at least 3 times per week, you’ve got this covered. This is why the EPIC! Nutrition Transformation fits in so beautifully with our CrossFit and fitness programs. If you train elsewhere, that’s also OK. We can still help you (provided you are getting a minimum of 3-5 hours per week of exercise).  If you’re not currently exercising, then you need to look at getting started with an exercise program either at home or at the gym. We can help with that – it’s what we specialize in regardless of age, experience, or fitness level.

What does it cost?

For non-Moov members and punch card holders the cost is: $189 for the first month, $119 per month for the following 5 months.

Monthly Moov members of our gym (Unlimited and 3x/week memberships): $169 for the first month, $99 per month for the following 5 months.

You’ll get small group personal nutrition coaching along with weekly practices and lessons and, most importantly, results that will last a lifetime.

When Can I Start?

You’ll start with the main group for the EPIC! Nutrition Challenge on July 8th. Then, you sit down with Beth during the week of Monday, July 17 2017. Note you must be registered prior to the July 8th start date in order to commence. The next program will not be offered again until 2018 in early January.