Moov Core Value #8: Environment

At Moov, we believe that environment and sustainability are huge factors in achieving total health.

We consider the environmental impact of every business decision we make.


As a company, we have taken many steps to take care of our environment. We believe that our impact on the environment is important. With that in mind, we constructed our gym and selected materials that would be environmentally sustainable and local.

We began with construction and equipment. We chose and installed recycled rubber floors and painted the walls with water based/no-VOC paint, and we sourced all the equipment from right here in Colorado. The wooden walls and lighting are recycled from the prior tenant and all of our signage is crafted from metal from Denver. Finally, if you use our restrooms you will notice the awesome handmade concrete sinks from Fort Collins.

From that point we considered the cleaning supplies we use. First, we avoid paper towels. Instead, we utilize cleaning cloths for the equipment and efficient hand dryers in the bathrooms. In addition, the soaps and cleaning products are all plant-based and sulfate free.

In our operations, we are 100% paper free (minus last-minute waivers), and we avoid plastics wherever possible.

We strive to take care of our environment and to provide a healthy space where our athletes can work out.