Moov Core Value #7: Collective

A collective, supportive community is key to any successful gym. It allows us to share life together and that brings a lot of challenges, laughter, disagreements, reconciliations, joys, tears, and growth. At Moov, we believe that healthy relationships take work. They’re the result of showing up for one another, supporting and challenging each other, and cheering on our family. Working through our barriers and pushing through the mess leads to stronger, happier people. And stronger, happier people contribute to a stronger, happier collective.

We’re All in This Together 

People who work out together forge special friendships, as any CrossFit gym will attest. The challenges of a tough WOD equalize all egos and allow us to bond through “the suck.” Empathy comes naturally because we’ve all been there. We experience the exhaustion our friends feel, the disappointment at not finishing a workout within a certain time frame, or the joy of breaking a personal record.

These experiences—ones that happen in the gym but transcend the gym itself—make our collective bond richer and better.

Moov’s Open Door Policy

We value the opinions and feedback of our community because we believe growth comes in learning. We build this openness through establishing relationships and feedback opportunities with our members. All members should feel encouraged and welcome to share their feedback, concerns, and questions with us at any time.  If there is an issue, we are determined to figure it out!

At Moov, we hold our collective community closest to our hearts. It is our greatest asset. No matter the gains in the gym, our strongest muscle will always be our heart.