Moov Core Value #6: Balance

Balance is the thing we can never get enough of. It is so easy to let the busyness of life, work, kids, dog, and other things take over. We plan our days out to the minute, booking ourselves from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. to ensure we get our work done (is it ever really done?). And then we relax by losing ourselves in the mindless consumption of social media or Netflix to turn off the brain.

This poses some big questions: How are you resting well? What does rest even mean in your busy life? Are you able to turn off your phone and engage with those around you? And how do you attain balance?


Why Balance Matters

As we schedule and overschedule ourselves day after day, we ignore important aspects of life such as family time, time for self-care like fitness, and time to grow. We should respect our time because it is something we can’t get back—but it’s not about being more “efficient.” Instead, it’s about finding sustainability and joy in how we spend that time. Prioritizing balance between work, life, kids, and personal time is important. It takes discipline and how it looks changes as life changes. However, figuring out that balance for you is key.

So why is balance one of Moov’s core values? A workout is more than just heading to the gym, lifting some weights, and going about the day. Far from being another time slot to schedule, fitness is actually an important element of self-care: getting us out of our heads and away from our desks. Done right, it’s restorative.

Finding Balance in the Gym

In the gym itself, it’s also important to maintain balance. A solid workout contains many elements, some that might surprise you. We believe that mobility is arguably more important than strength. And rest and recovery is just as important as the exercise it fuels. But wait—how often do we ignore mobility? Do we actually prioritize rest and recovery? While rest is not something a gym can prioritize for you, mobility is. Coaches and leaders at Moov understand that life is busy, so we deliberately plan warm-ups and cool downs that focus on mobility. This deliberation allows you to accomplish two key aspects of exercising within that hour time frame, so you can better prioritize your day.

Now get some sleep!