Moov Core Value #4: Safety

At Moov, we believe that safety always comes first. In fact, it has to. No amount of pushing yourself is worth it if you’re not able to perform the movements safely. In fact, ignoring safety protocols can put you out of the game for good.

Have you ever gotten excited about a personal record? Imagine that you just lifted your best weight, and everyone is cheering and you feel great. However, you remember during that lift you felt a slight twinge—enough of one to catch your attention. However, the adrenaline and excitement distracted you and you felt compelled to keep going. Sound familiar?

Unfortunately, the thing with twinges or pains is typically they are a signal that something is wrong, like an underlying injury, or that the movement was done incorrectly. Twinges are not always a huge deal, but they can become one if not dealt with properly.

Safety is key and often ignored, sometimes deliberately and sometimes ignorantly. But the truth is that it’s a fundamental part of any workout, from the major variables to the smallest details:

  • correct movements
  • proper warm-ups, cool-downs, and stretching
  • the correct amount of athlete-to-coach ratio
  • the proximity of space
  • the reliability of equipment
  • the accurate amount of weight for an athlete to lift or move

The responsibility of safety in any workout is also a joint effort: the gym must create policies and provide resources like expertly trained coaches to promote safety, but the athlete needs to follow these rules and listen to their bodies to ensure safety.

At Moov, we strive to always promote safety first. We offer small class sizes (typically no more than 15), state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, and a culture of support rather than competition. But most importantly, no coach will push you beyond your limits, and the training we require enables them to understand where those limits are.