Moov Core Value #3: Education


In my experience as a coach and athlete, I’ve discovered that it’s difficult to listen to your body. However, being open to the fitness education coaches offer you can have a crucial impact on your success.

Everyone has dealt with a hindrance of some sort, but recognizing your own hangups is the first step in your fitness journey. Many factors can impede our ability to understand ourselves as athletes: comparison to others, unrealistic expectations of workouts or body image, pure competitive drive, presuppositions that you bring into your workout, resistance to being coached, or fear of the unknown. Any one of these factors discourages listening to your body. Admitting where you fall short allows you to grow and opens a door to better understanding you as an individual.

But after coming to terms with where you might have some blind spots, the all-important second step is education. At Moov, we pride ourselves in educating our athletes to listen to their bodies. Here’s how:

Education and Safety

Our coaches encourage safety in movements at all times, even when that means stopping or decreasing weight. Coaches spot shortcomings that athletes don’t notice on their own. Allowing them to teach you gives you more understanding of your body’s strengths and limitations, but also gives you insight into areas where you can work to improve.

Education and Movement

Another way we incorporate education is integrating yoga into our group warm-ups. Yoga flow warms up the body and trains your mind to listen to it. Each workout is also followed by recommended stretching and cool-down periods. These periods of time decrease soreness and help in flexibility, preventing injury and helping you focus and learn about the muscles you’ve just worked.

Education and Treatment

Finally, our wellness team provides services such as acupuncture, massage, Rolfing, physical therapy, and nutritional coaching. These services provide treatment, but they also exist to give you education about your body as a holistic system.

In the end, we all need fitness education. At Moov that journey starts with accepting the coaching and education that’s available to you. We’re here to give you all the education you need in the form of resources, high quality coaching, and a community that supports you in the journey. 

Moov Coach Caitlin Von Thun