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MOOV Core Value #2: Quality

Quality instruction defines us. All of our staff is backed by credible certifications and experience.

Here at Moov, we have eight Core Values that guide our purpose and methodology. They ground us and help us remember why we do what we do every day. Over the next few weeks we will be covering why each of these values is important to our gym and its members.

personal training

Many times people approach starting a new fitness routine without much thought. Research into training methods can be as lax as merely reading a manual about a new workout machine or having your buddy who looks good train you.

Why Coaching Quality Is Important

Moving at all is definitely better than NOT moving at all, as long as you’re doing it safely. But one of the most important factors in reaching your fitness goals is the quality of the coaching you receive.

A good coach gives you the workout for the day, monitors and corrects some movements, and gives you motivation to keep going. However, a great coach engages, encourages, and pushes you to levels you didn’t think you could reach. And they do this while putting your safety above all else. Great coaches always focus on their own progress too—they’re always improving their understanding of their sport and the athletes they are training and learning about new trends in the fitness world.

Coaching at MOOV

At Moov, quality is one our most important core values. The coaches we hire have years of experience backed by certifications in differing practices: yoga, pilates, rock climbing, Crossfit, cycling, NASM, and others. These certifications give the coaches a more holistic approach to their work in the gym, ensuring safety and variety in their workouts.

In addition, Moov coaches are committed to and care about growing our community and helping individuals in their fitness journeys. Your road to fitness is uniquely yours, and a quality coach understands that your needs are too. Finding quality coaching is important to your success as an athlete, so do not take that lightly. And when you find a coach you love, hang on fast!

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