Learn New Skills. Get Outside. Test Your Fitness.

progress takes place outside OF YOUR comfort zone

CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movement performed at high intensity. Many CrossFit athletes think that all the answers to their previous fitness hurdles can be cured within the confines of their beloved box. Contrary to this belief, and within CrossFit’s very definition, we need to get outside the box and change up our routine every now and then. What we are able to gain by performing high intensity workouts within those 4 beautiful walls is, and will always be, the base of a CrossFit athlete’s fitness regimen. It works. It has been proven to work time and time again, but too many get locked into only working out there.

As with anything else, even when our workouts are constantly varied, we will eventually plateau. We may think the answer is to just hit it harder. Push that threshold and the gainz goblin will go away. When was the last time you took a step back and enjoy the level of fitness that you have already gained? I am not suggesting taking a long hiatus from the box. I am suggesting that you take the time to explore and see just how far you have come. Have you always hated running? Go for long jog. Have you been skiing in the last 10 years? Perhaps it’s time you hit the slopes. You will find that it is not as hard nor as miserable as you remember. Take a long bike ride, go snowshoeing, try out parkour, or go rock climbing. Everything is a test of your fitness.

My point is do not get stuck in the rut of only performing “constantly varied, functional movement at high intensity” solely within your CrossFit box. Get outside, see what you can achieve and where it has gotten you in other activities. Who knows, you may just like it. And I really would not be surprised if your plateau goes away and those PR’s start coming back.