shoulder care

A Chiropractor’s Prescription for Shoulder Care

How does a chiropractor prescribe shoulder care? Read on…

A 63-year-old female presents to Enhanced Movements Chiropractic with complaints of shoulder pain and restrictions. She has had some shoulder issues in the past, but never this frequent or intense. She has been doing CrossFit for nearly 6 months and the pain has progressively been getting worse. She has pain when lifting her arms overhead as well as doing any pressing overhead.

The prescribed treatment plan included restricting any painful positions until inflammation and pain sensitivity went down, while introducing myofascial release techniques to the shoulder complex. Her first visit improved her pain significantly as well as increased shoulder range of motion. During the second visit the myofascial release techniques were continued, while starting to incorporate new movements to improve shoulder range of motion with tools such as kettlebells and Indian Clubs.

Here is a simple video that shows one of the shoulder opening exercises we used: