In Moov’s fitness classes, you’ll work hard, have fun, and safely modify the daily workout to your ability.
(We’ll show you how to do it.)

Deliberate Programming

We design each workout by hand, with intention. This means quicker results, low risk for injury, and 0% chance of EVER getting bored.

Expert Coaches

Every coach at Moov is trained and certified. He or she will help you modify movements and make sure you’re doing them safely and effectively.

Yoga Warmups

Yoga movements and stretching before each workout help prevent injury AND prepare body and mind for a kickass workout.

functional interval training

CrossFit® by Moov

In CrossFit® fitness classes, you’ll see lots of high-intensity movements divided into intervals. No two workouts are the same!We rotate through three six-week macrocycles focusing on strength, movement, and endurance to confuse muscles and avoid plateaus. Our coaches will help you modify any movement to fit your ability level and avoid injury.

Movements include: Barbell movements and Olympic lifts, medicine ball movements, kettlebell movements, cardio, and bodyweight/gymnastics


The same daily workout with the freedom to sub free weights.

Metcon by Moov

Barbells aren’t the only way to have fun. METCON by Moov provides the same high-intensity, functional interval training as CrossFit®, but without the use of barbell movements.

Movements include: Yoga principles, bodyweight movements, cardio, calisthenics, gymnastics, strength, core stability, and more.

TRX by Moov

TRX is a low-impact, full-body, 45-minute workout with the use of suspension training straps. It will help you build flexibility, stability, and strength and it’s the perfect supplement to other cardio workouts.

TRX emphasizes core strength solely using bodyweight movements. A great workout, it’s completely adaptable for all fitness levels.