correct posture long term

How To: Correct Posture Long Term

Proper posture is not fixed overnight and it is usually not just one correction. Use this as a guide to correct posture long term.

Let’s talk about how to position the ribs and pelvis to reduce strain on the abdomen.

Rib and pelvis positioning: Posture is important for many problems that can occur in the human body and this is true of diastasis recti as well. Commonly the problem of the unnatural distancing of the right and left halves of the rectus abdominis is partially due to the stressors placed on the abdomen through rib and pelvic positioning.

Your rib cage should be down and back, not up and forward like we often see in our society. The pelvis should not be tucked, nor hyperextended and should instead be in a neutral position. Check out the video, below, to gain a further understanding of positioning and how to correct your posture for the long term.

Video credit: Enhanced Movements