The WOD After the WOD – 06.18.17

In this week’s WOD after the WOD, Brandon walks through a quick and easy sequence to focus on achieving a pistol squat. Each movement described should be done for a minimum of 90 seconds per side. From anterior tibialis, calves, ankles, quads, hamstrings, and hip flexors, mobilizing these muscle groups aid in fixing mobility issues preventing you from doing a pistol squat.

The WOD After the WOD – 06.11.17

In this week’s WOD after the WOD, Heather emphasizes the side body. Each movement described should be done for a minimum of 90 seconds per side. From lats, TFL, IT band, and vastus lateralis, mobilizing these muscle groups aid in bringing awareness to the back and side body, as well as aid in lateral quad pain and patellar tracking issues.

In Chinese Medicine, the gall bladder channel is also on the side body and tends to become unbalanced during seasonal changes and excess heat.

14-Day Challenge: Full Body Stretch Routine

This full body stretch routine will open your entire body and eventually allow you to explore your full range of motion. Complete this routine every day for 14 days and experience the difference it has on your recovery, your performance, and how you feel throughout the day in general.

This routine takes about 15-20 minutes to complete. Be sure and hold each stretch for a minimum of 90 seconds.

For more targeted mobility and flexibility exercises, check out our full library of mobilityWOD videos.

3 Stretches to Fix Shoulder Mobility

Have you ever slumped down at your desk, working away, only to find that hours have passed and you have not moved (or breathed)? Most of us can answer this with a resounding “YES.” This is how our posture suffers and, over time, how our shoulders round and become immobile. Use these 3 stretches to fix shoulder mobility.

Flexible shoulders increase your strength and decrease the amount of load that your bones, ligaments and joints have to bear.

Do you want to get stronger? Try these shoulder opening stretches 2-3 times daily, holding for 90 seconds to 2 minutes at a time.

1. Shoulder Extension

Find a chair or surface higher than your hips. Drive your head down and through your elbows. For a more advanced stretch, place your elbows on the box or chair.

2. Underarm Shoulder Stretch

Sit in a crab position, with your fingers facing backwards. Shift your hips forward towards your ankles, and hold.

3. Pectoral Twist

Lying face down on the floor, extend one arm out at 90 degrees and swing your opposite leg up and over.

Moov Better Mobility WOD 5 – Shoulders Part 2

This week, join me in our Moov Better Mobility WOD 5 as we focus on the rotator cuff and shoulder stability.

Moov Better Mobility WOD 4 – Shoulders

This week, join me in our Moov Better Mobility WOD 4 as we focus on opening the shoulders and massaging along the thoracic spine.

Moov Better Mobility WOD 3 – Hips, IT Band

This week, join me in our Moov Better Mobility WOD 3 as we focus on opening the hips to improve our squat depth, and rolling out the IT band to reduce knee pain.

Moov Better Mobility WOD 2 – Hamstrings, Quads, Glutes, and Spine

This week, join Michelle Chinatti in our Moov Better Mobility WOD 2 as she focuses on lengthening the hamstrings, rolling out the quads, glutes, and rolling along the spine and neck.

Moov Better Mobility WOD 1 – Feet, Achilles, Anterior Tibialis, and Calves

This week, join me in this week’s Moov Better Mobility WOD 1 as I focus on opening the ankle joint and relieving plantar fasciitis and achilles pain. The feet, achilles, anterior tibialis, and calves provide a solid foundation for most of the functional movements we do in our daily lives.

A Chiropractor’s Prescription for Shoulder Care

How does a chiropractor prescribe shoulder care? Read on…

A 63-year-old female presents to Enhanced Movements Chiropractic with complaints of shoulder pain and restrictions. She has had some shoulder issues in the past, but never this frequent or intense. She has been doing CrossFit for nearly 6 months and the pain has progressively been getting worse. She has pain when lifting her arms overhead as well as doing any pressing overhead.

The prescribed treatment plan included restricting any painful positions until inflammation and pain sensitivity went down, while introducing myofascial release techniques to the shoulder complex. Her first visit improved her pain significantly as well as increased shoulder range of motion. During the second visit the myofascial release techniques were continued, while starting to incorporate new movements to improve shoulder range of motion with tools such as kettlebells and Indian Clubs.

Here is a simple video that shows one of the shoulder opening exercises we used: