rocktape posture

Case Study: How RockTape Can Fix Your Posture

A 17-year-old male soccer player presented to us mid-back tightness and discomfort when trying to stand with good posture. The patient did not have any significant pain. After the examination, we determined that there was an area along his mid back that was restricted, along with many tight muscles that spanned the mid- to upper-back. We discussed the importance of good posture especially when being seated for prolonged periods of time in school and what that can do to the muscles of the back.

His treatment plan included adjusting the back along with a good amount of muscle release to calm down the over-active and tight muscles supporting the back. In addition to the treatment, we went over some exercises to strengthen his back and also help reverse the stresses that sitting puts on the body; known as Foundation Training.

Last, but not least, we used RockTape to reinforce the proper body position we were trying to achieve. This brand of kinesiology tape is by far the most effective and strongest tape on the market, as it can typically last up to 3-5 days on the body. The RockTape gives our student athletes constant reminders throughout the day to try and stand a little taller and not slouch over. In an effort to try and promote the best postural position we can, RockTape gives that little added support throughout the day to help us achieve our goals faster.

Here is a video showing how to RockTape the mid back to support good posture: