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Supporting Your Sacrum While In the Car

Most of us spend much of our time traveling in our car, whether doing errands, road trips, or commuting. The trouble with sitting in the car for any length of time are the car seats. Like most seats or chairs, they are not ergonomic, only a bit worse in your car.   Most car seats […]

The WOD After the WOD – 06.11.17

In this week’s WOD after the WOD, Heather emphasizes the side body. Each movement described should be done for a minimum of 90 seconds per side. From lats, TFL, IT band, and vastus lateralis, mobilizing these muscle groups aid in bringing awareness to the back and side body, as well as aid in lateral quad pain and patellar […]

Who Cares About Yoga? (Part I)

I’m sure you’ve noticed that we use yoga-inspired warm ups before the Workout of the Day (WOD). We also leave time at the end of every class to roll out fatigued tissues using Yoga Tune-Up Balls® for active recovery. But who cares? You’re a Cross fitter not a Yogi, right? Wrong. You’re a human athlete. […]