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The WOD After the WOD – 08.14.17

IMPROVE YOUR FRONT RACK POSITION. This week’s WOD after the WOD is focused on improving our FRONT RACK position, the receiving position for the clean, and the starting position for the front squat and the overhead pressing/jerk movements.

The WOD After the WOD – 06.18.17

In this week’s WOD after the WOD, Brandon walks through a quick and easy sequence to focus on achieving a pistol squat. Each movement described should be done for a minimum of 90 seconds per side. From anterior tibialis, calves, ankles, quads, hamstrings, and hip flexors, mobilizing these muscle groups aid in fixing mobility issues preventing you from […]

14-Day Challenge: Full Body Stretch Routine

This full body stretch routine will open your entire body and eventually allow you to explore your full range of motion. Complete this routine every day for 14 days and experience the difference it has on your recovery, your performance, and how you feel throughout the day in general. This routine takes about 15-20 minutes to complete. […]

3 Stretches to Fix Shoulder Mobility

Have you ever slumped down at your desk, working away, only to find that hours have passed and you have not moved (or breathed)? Most of us can answer this with a resounding “YES.” This is how our posture suffers and, over time, how our shoulders round and become immobile. Use these 3 stretches to […]

How to Fix Your Squat

Sitting in a squat is the most natural movement for the human body. Here’s a simply how-to on how to fix your squat. The joints and muscles you need to recruit for squatting — hips, knees, ankles, core, quads, glutes, and more — are your foundation of everything from walking to running, swinging a golf […]

Case Study: How RockTape Can Fix Your Posture

A 17-year-old male soccer player presented to us mid-back tightness and discomfort when trying to stand with good posture. The patient did not have any significant pain. After the examination, we determined that there was an area along his mid back that was restricted, along with many tight muscles that spanned the mid- to upper-back. We discussed the […]