Building healthier lives through functional movement and alternative therapies.

MOOV isn’t some faceless mega-gym or franchise – you’ll recognize the people behind MOOV and you’ll see us there regularly. We’re from different walks of life and professions, but we all have a passion for fitness and look forward to keeping the tight-knit community feel that brought us all together. We look forward to seeing you MOOV better and live healthier.

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Heather Terry

heather terry

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Functional Fitness

Our 2800 square foot gym area is a fitness playground, packed with equipment that makes exercise fun and challenging.

  • Friendly Staff – Our staff are always there to help, answer your questions and get you checked in for classes and appointments
  • Two 14′ Fitness Rigs – Huge, eight-station fitness rig featuring ascending and descending bars, gymnastics rings, wall ball targets, and more
  • Olympic Lifting – Stocked with equipment from Pendlay, REP Fitness, and Rogue, this is the place to perfect your Olympic lifting technique
  • Workout Tracking – Online tracking of stats and performance using our Zenplanner system allows you to optimize training
  • Conditioning – Plyo boxes, sandbags, slam balls, wall balls, jump ropes, climbing ropes, and more will help increase the quality and extend the breadth of your training
  • Mobility + Recovery – Foam rollers, mobility bands and balls, and dedicated mobility classes will increase your range of motion and speed up your recovery time

Functional Therapy

We offer comfortable, clean, well-equipped treatment rooms. Come for the treatment, stay for the ambiance.

  • Qualified Practitioners – Our practitioners are highly qualified, with years of experience, and are athletes themselves
  • Spa-Like Entrance – All clients enter our facility through a warm, spa-like entrance, so you don’t feel like you’re walking into a gym to get to your appointment
  • Online Booking – Book and pay for your appointments in advance using our online reservation system
  • Nutrition Consultations – Get your diet and lifestyle on track, because you cannot out-train poor eating habits
  • Massage Therapy – Recover faster, heal injuries, loosen cramped or tight muscles, or simply treat yourself
  • Acupuncture – Treat and heal acute and chronic injuries, improve mobility, and treat underlying health issues that inhibit optimal athletic performance


MOOV was born out of boredom with the normal gym experience and a love for functional fitness and alternative therapies, and was founded by a team of fitness enthusiasts who wanted more from their training. It brings together elements from multiple disciplines (strength training, powerlifting, olympic lifting, speed/agility, sports conditioning, gymnastics, massage, acupuncture, nutrition + more) under one roof, and is priced at a point that makes elite training affordable. As we continue to advance technologically, we find fewer and fewer reasons to physically move our bodies. Even our children are starting to pick up on our unhealthy habits at a young age. At MOOV, our purpose is to inspire others to move better. Through deliberate and functional human movement, proper rest and recovery, and maintaining a balanced lifestyle, we hope to give others a renewed, energized outlook on life. We believe that our species and the next phase of our evolution depends on it.



Eat nutritious food. Exercise is not a replacement for a healthy diet.


Quality instruction defines us. All of our staff is backed by credible certifications and experience.


Increased performance comes with a greater understanding of your body. We strive to learn our limits and listen to our bodies.


We will always promote safety first.

Deliberate Movement and Programming

Our goal for you is proper and full range of motion with every movement. Our deliberate programming will get you there.


Mobility is arguably more important than strength. Rest and recovery is just as important as the exercise it fuels.


We’re all in this together. We have an open door policy. If you’re unhappy, we’re unhappy.


We consider the environmental impact of every business decision we make.