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    5 star review  I'm 47 and have quite a bit of training experience. I have found the coaching outstanding at Moov. The staff/coaches are extremely knowledgeable and push you in the right ways. Obviously, CrossFit has a reputation for folks getting hurt. This is usually due to poor coaching and people pushing too hard too fast. This place is different. I went in saying that I was not going to overload the weight and hurt myself. The coaches were in complete agreement and have shown me that they are all about proper form and progression, not competition and getting people hurt. I also really like the community aspect of this gym. Everyone is super cool and there is a lot of encouragement as well as social activity outside the gym. I would highly recommend this place if you want to get or stay in shape and do it right.

    thumb Sid Payne

    5 star review  Great programming, community, and top-notch coaching. Not only CrossFit done right, but a ton of other associated spectacular services...acupuncture, massage, nutrition, herbal consultant and probably more that I'm forgetting.

    thumb Geoff Spakes

    5 star review  Moov provides effective coaching with an emphasis on progress and growth in a positive climate. Brandon, Heather, and Zach though don't stop there as owners - My diet, personal habits, and professional goals have all improved due to the holistic approach of the experience. Lastly, I have a whole network of friends and experiences from my Moov experience that did not exist before I started CrossFit...

    thumb Billy Gaudet



CrossFit® is constantly varied functional movement performed at high intensity. The movements are functional, safe and adaptable for all.
Each class is one hour, no two days are the same and results are dramatic. You don’t have to be fit to start.

METCON by Moov™

METCON by Moov™ features a hybrid of resistance training, yoga, high intensity interval training (HIIT), calisthenics, gymnastics, and cardiovascular endurance.

Foundations Camp

Learn to safely navigate the gym and the world around you with trained professionals, while getting in the best shape of your life. Our community-oriented coaching builds a bulletproof mindset so you stick to this fitness program and conquer your mountain.

Personal Training

Personal training options at Moov allow for one-on-one or small groups in order to facilitate more specific programming and a more flexible schedule.

Be Well™ | by Moov

Be Well | by Moov is paving the way in true integrative care by offering Acupuncture, Massage, and Nutrition consultations to accompany your gym membership. Click below for more information on our services (link goes to an external site).


MOOV was born out of boredom with the normal gym experience and a love for functional movement, and was founded by a team of fitness enthusiasts who wanted more from their training. We bring together elements from multiple disciplines (strength training, powerlifting, olympic lifting, speed/agility, sports conditioning, gymnastics, massage, acupuncture, nutrition + more), at a price point that makes elite training affordable.

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